In 2002, when Internews first began its work in Afghanistan, the country was all but devoid of local media. In the years since, Internews has established 44 independent and local FM stations around the country, and launched Salam Watandar, which provides quality programming to a network of 59 local stations in all 34 provinces. A highly anticipated presidential election and preparations for the U.S. troop drawdown, makes 2014 a critical year for the Afghan people, one in which it is more important than ever to protect the fragile but vital gains that have been made towards a more robust independent media sector.

Within this context, Internews is building off its success launching a range of media development initiatives that promote the free exchange of information and ideas vital to the democratic process, development of civil society, economic growth, greater gender equality, and other aspirations of the Afghan people walking the difficult path towards peace and prosperity.

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