Governance & Transparency

Independent media and open information serve a crucial watchdog function, providing citizens with the information they need to keep the public and private sectors accountable. In many countries repressive legal environments inhibit the media’s ability to play this role and some journalists and civil society actors lack the skills to conduct the in-depth investigative reporting that is essential to accountability. Internews trains journalists in investigative reporting, produces content to encourage dialogue on corruption, and helps reform media laws and expand freedom of information rights and internet freedom policies and practices.  We also have a rich practice in data journalism, helping seasoned and emerging professionals locate, clean and present data that supports their investigative work.

Supporting Democracy

A strong independent press and trustworthy local information are the underpinnings of democracy.

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Investigative Journalism Training Boosts the Capacity of Central American Journalists to Expose Corruption and Highlight Social Issues

October 11, 2018
Mario Salinas Benitez

More than 90 journalists in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras were trained in investigative and data journalism, as well as physical and digital security, through a program conducted by Internews in the region.


How to Save Democracy

September 25, 2018

On September 24, Jeanne Bourgault, President of Internews, participated in a briefing at the World Economic Forum in New York, discussing how social and digital activism can help save democracy with politics and societies around the world becoming ever more polarized and truth distorted. They als