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A journalist talks to a man at a camp while a group of people look on

Communicating with Communities

Brochures & Annual Reports

Information about what is happening around you, what services are available to you and how you can connect with your loved ones is a most basic right and can be lifesaving.

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National Survey on Perception of Media in Moldova

Reports & Surveys

This national survey on the perception of media in Moldova measures how well media consumers understand media content, whether journalists and media outlets provide professional content, and the level of knowledge among different target groups on issues such as propaganda and mis...

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The Business Environment for News Media in Myanmar: 2018

Reports & Surveys

During the last eight years, Myanmar has gone from an environment where the government had total control of media, mobile phone use was concentrated in the hands of a privileged few, journalism training was conducted in secret, and the internet was a foreign planet — to a secto...

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Safe Sisters Toolkit

Toolkit & Curriculum

The Safe Sisters Toolkit was developed as part of a joint initiative by Internews and Defend Defenders in the Safe Sisters program, a digital safety fellowship for women human rights activists, that uses a combination of self-study, tool practice, mentorship, workshops, peer shar...

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